Stephen Blahut is a narrative and documentary cinematographer and director of photography with experience working around the world.   His works have appeared at festivals nationally and internationally.  He is proficient with Arri, Red, Canon, Sony, and Film Cameras.

Stephen is a gifted collaborator possessing a natural ability to bring out the best in others.  Thoughtful and patient he instills confidence in those around.  Believing that story comes first he approaches each project as opportunity to bring a distinctive visual style to the project while realizing the director’s conception. 

Stephen began his career in the theater arts as an accomplished director, actor, and award-winning dramaturg.  Feeling constrained by the medium he transitioned to the more open form of filmmaking. His affection for the visual lead to the documentation of a race from London, England to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (in an ambulance) for charity.  The project’s footage made an impression on the Ohio University School of Film’s graduate program and the faculty awarded Stephen with a full scholarship. While attending Stephen designed his own curriculum of cinematography courses to address his technical and artistic needs and shot over twenty films.

This DIY attitude and commitment to self study will be carried forward in his upcoming blog The Quiet Collaborator that will focus on the stylistic choices within the body of work of some of the greatest cinematographer’s working today.  Stephen engages the material not only to find inspiration but to share his work with the the community he’s a part of.